"The way I see it, writing a novel is sort of like planning a road trip. First, you must have at least a vague idea where you're headed. Then you have to get the goddamn car started. You tinker and tinker until it finally sputters to life. It stalls many times along the way but you overcome somehow and press on. You run into many roadblocks that force you to take alternate routes—and that is where you find the most intriguing, exciting treasures."

Robert is well known for his witty sense of humor. Readers of Robert’s work delight in his use of comedy combined with serious topics which are usually based on family relationships. His stylistic comedy is original, and his writing style is fluid and swift, allowing the reader to get involved without hesitation. By applying his unique sense of humor with dramatic subject matter, Robert has created a niche for himself which has generated many fans and admirers.

Robert is the winner of numerous awards including: The Southern Playwright's Competition for KENTUCKY WINGS, The Irene Bashore Award for HERE LIE THE BOOMER’S, The Nantucket Short Play Competition Finalist for HERE LIE THE BOOMERS, The McLaren Comedy Playwriting Award for SEX WITHOUT PLIERS, and The National Ten-Minute Play Contest Finalist for DON’T CRY FOR ME IKE & TINA.  He has also been awarded The Baltimore Playwright’s Festival Award Of Excellence for the following: BILLY WOULD HAVE BEEN 30 TODAY, FAREWELL, MONA LISA, THOSE STRANGE AND GLORIOUS YEARS, and SEX WITHOUT PLIERS. Robert was also a semifinalist twice in 2009 and 2010 in Amazon's Amazing Breakthrough Novel Awards for A SUNDAY STROLL THROUGH THE ANT FARM. 

Books by Robert Leland Taylor

Robert Leland Taylor's highly anticipated new release,
Through the Ant Farm is now available!

“Robert Leland Taylor is endlessly inventive in his observations of the human condition.
He populates his universe with characters who are both world-weary and naive at the
same time. Hilarious and heartbreaking. Every word rings true. More, please.”
—Gatlin Reed, author of Shelter in Place.

Holy Toledo and the Virgin Shirley 

“Within the first couple of pages, I knew I'd have to entrust myself to the author to take
me on this ride, and I was not disappointed.”

The Man

Robert was born and raised in Louisville, KY and currently resides with his wife, Kris, in Zanesville, Ohio.

The Writer

"The way I see it, writing a novel is sort of like planning a road trip. First, you must have at least a vague idea where you're headed..."

The Artist

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